Improve Your Business Culture by Decoding Human Capital

"Human Capital is the stock of habits, knowledge, social and personality attributes embodied in the ability to perform labour so as to produce economic value."
~Claudia Goldin, Department of Economics Harvard University

Improve Employee Satisfaction

Reduce Staff Turnover Levels

Nurture Inclusivity and Individuality

What is it costing your business to NOT IMPROVE the way your employees understand and communicate with each other?

Brian Carney, bestselling author of Freedom, Inc., states, "At best, it limits growth and innovation. At worse, it solidifies inefficiencies, undermines company goals, and creates an environment where employees are unmotivated and disengaged." Whether your business is a small startup, a Fortune 500 Enterprise, or a government agency, you cannot afford to miss out on developing a healthy work environment today.

Understanding the DISC Model of Human Behaviour will be a KEY to your SUCCESS in both your life and your business

DISC is a personal assessment tool that has existed for decades and has helped millions of individuals to understand the unique personality styles of themselves and others to create more positive relationships.


The DISC Model of Human Behaviour goes beyond the simple personal assessment tool by actively incorporating lessons and techniques that are easy to understand, and can be quickly applied within all workspaces, family dynamics, and partnership relationships, through the personal and professional development of oneself.

What are "Soft Skills" and
Why it Matters Even More Today!

What is The DISC Model of Human Behaviour?

Are you ready to build a stronger culture within your organization?

Become a DISC Certified Trainer and Transform your Business

Learn from one of the top personality-style trainers in Canada with 2-decades of experience, and begin incorporating the understanding of human behavioural sciences into your coaching or consulting business.


This 2-day in-class or online training event is specially designed to help you walk away with a whole new mindset to understand yourself and others better. As a DISC Certified Trainer you will gain access to a large library of training resources that will help you coach, train, and lead others like never before.

Join JJ Brun in the Classroom or Through Livestream

Experience top level training from one of the Top DISC Trainers in the world!


Starting and growing a consulting business can be challenging when you aren’t connecting with people in the best ways possible. As a Certified Human Behavior Consultant with Personality Insights, you’ll not only learn the foundations of the DISC personality profiling system so you can better understand yourself and others, but you’ll also be equipped with the best tools to help individuals, couples, businesses and organizations, to build stronger personal and professional relationships.


Dynamic and interactive training from DHC Training Solutions will help you become:


- Certified as a Human Behavior Consultant in Association with Personality Insights, Inc.

- Certified to administer personality profile assessments and related coaching services

- Certified to provide training on the DISC Model of Human Behavior for personal growth and development

- Certified to provide training for teams to encourage understanding and promote cooperation for better results

Let DHC "Train the Trainer"

DHC Training Solutions will train one or more of your staff to empower your company with the knowledge, tools, and resources, that will improve both your internal and external relationships and build healthier, happier environments.

DISC Certification can help your business...

Increase Employee Retention

Improve Company Communications

Hire the 'right' person for the job

Engage More Effectively

Cultivate Better Leadership Skills

Increase Sales and Revenue

When your company improves communication internally, it naturally improves the way it communicates externally, thus increasing output and your company's bottom line.

With a DISC Certified Trainer inside your company, you will gain the following benefits:

  • Your Trainer can train company staff on the DISC Model of Human Behaviour for personal growth and development.

  • Your Trainer will receive access to regular training and support to help you continuously grow and evolve your company.

  • Get wholesale discounts on all training materials to use internally.

We've Been Training Success Since 1999

Businesses, governments, and organizations around the world have trusted DHC Training Solutions to train their staff and executives on The DISC Model of Human Behaviour in order to develop stronger internal and external communications, improved customer service levels, lower staff turnover, and enhance employee satisfaction at work.​

Some Testimonials From Our Happy Clients

I think this may have been the most high-value workshops I have ever attended. JJ Brun is such a master at his craft. I was SO impressed, inspired and I learned to much...thanks JJ for an amazing 3 days!

S&L Training Solutions Inc. & President-Elect of the Global Speakers Federation

DHC Training Solutions not only met our expectations, they in fact EXCEED ON ALL OF THEM!

JJ…where to start? What a gift you have given me. The gift of knowledge, the gift of self-discovery, the gift of opportunity. The etiquette consultant in me says that this is one that it's definitely OK to re-gift. In the past I have been in courses for several months with the same people and never felt a connection like I have in the past three days of certification. Yes, the subject matter and the openness contributed greatly, but it was the facilitation that made it happen. Thank you! I am looking forward to our next chat. The possibilities are endless, with much gratitude.

Suzanne Nourse

The opening day insight into the DISC Model of Human Behaviour made it clear how beneficial this is in communicating with others and in understanding the actions of others. This will be useful in my teaching of young children and in relating to their parents. The information is captivating – sticking in one’s mind long after the presentation. Realizing that everyone has his or her own unique blended style…this approach is not a label. It is a catalyst to bringing about effective partnerships personally and professionally.

Frances M. Balodis

President/Founder Music for Your Children

I am involved in a million activities and cannot complete any of them successfully all by myself. I need people - I need to understand them and they need to understand me in order to enhance productivity. My boss and my staff will read my profile. I hope to be able to read theirs someday. Overall excellent!

Fred Jardine

Senior Program Manager, Lockheed Martin Canada

Through JJ’s training, I have significantly increased my ability to understand and identify different personality types. The improved communications results are outstanding. The personality profiling skills enables me to speak and relate to any person as if I were able to communicate in their native language. Using the techniques presented in training, it has allowed me to strengthen my own personal skills and better understand the various skills of people I deal with daily on both a professional or personal level.

David Mercer

Commander (Navy) Canadian Force

This is the best investment as a team – The DISC Model of Human Behaviour allowed for us to learn about people in a fun and practical way.  Discovering these personality style traits helped us better connect as a team.  It helped to understand our own personality styles and of those around us, providing tips and insights on ways to connect better based on these styles. It truly was an insightful experience, one that left my team wanting more.  I definitely recommend this valuable training – and JJ is by far a true master in the field of human behaviour.


DHC Training Solutions

A Global Leader in Communications and Relationship Development Across Cultures


In 1999, after completing his tour of duty within the Canadian Forces (15 years within the Intelligence Branch) JJ founded DHC Training Solutions Inc., a training and consulting company dedicated to inform and enlighten people on the subject of Human Behaviour and effective communication practices across cultures.


JJ has seen firsthand the revelation such knowledge can bring to personal and professional relationships. DHC Training Solutions is founded on the belief that knowledge of Human Behaviour is a skill that should be shared to enrich individuals and organizations.


Anyone looking to better understand themselves and other people will find what they need with JJ.

JJ Brun "The Retired Spy"

JJ Brun "The Retired Spy" (Operative 431)

JJ draws on his many years of experience in the field of Human Behaviour as a thought leader with over 25,000 hours dedicated to bring clarity to his training, consulting, and speaking assignments.


Leaders and decision makers around the globe turn to JJ to get them moving in the right direction, toward more effective communication practices.


Ensuring communication is clear right from the start saves immense amounts of time, effort and lives. Learning about the communication needs and styles of other people, learning to recognize them and adapt to them, is the key to being a more effective communicator.


JJ has dedicated his life and his business to learning the principles of Human Behaviour and effective communication practices across cultures. That commitment shines through in everything he does.

"The Retired Spy" (Operative 431)

"L'espion à la retraite" (Agent 431)

Our Mission

Our mission is to EMPOWER PEOPLE TO IMPROVE through increasing self-awareness and personal understanding!

  • Providing behavioural insights for personal and professional development

  • Enhancing interaction and collaboration to enhance effective teams dynamics

  • Affirming and enlightening individuals to expand on their strengths and minimize life character building moments

Our Vision

Our vision is to POSITIVELY IMPACT the lives of 1,000,000 people around the globe!

  • Laying the foundation for people to celebrate their differences versus tolerate their differences

  • Reaching individuals with a loving awareness towards their unique design, gifts and talents

  • Committing to empowering people to improve their lives and open the doors to their opportunity to seed into others

Our Passion

Our passion is to assist and help people to understand themselves and others, in order to create better relationships and build better teams across cultures!

  • Making a difference in people’s lives with powerful behavioural-based understanding

  • Laying the foundation for people to accept one another and celebrating peoples unique strengths and gifts

  • Enhancing personal and professional success for each individual to reach and acquire their desires, vision, goals and dreams

DHC Training Solutions

Let DHC Training Solutions train you on The DISC Model of Human Behaviour to develop better and stronger internal and external relationships that result in better performance, increased revenue, and improved overall results.


Industries Served by DHC Training Solutions

Private and Public Corporation and Government Agency Training

Private/Public Companies and Government Sector Training

Direct Selling and Sales Organization Training

DISC Certification Training for Coaches and Consultants

Let DHC Training Solutions train you on The DISC Model of Human Behavior so you can develop better and stronger internal and external relationships that result in better performance, increased revenue, and improved overall results - at work and at home.

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